Why do people like quotes? Well, one good reason is that you don't have to read a book to get to the point. Quotes can be very short and mind provoking. Sometimes, there is so much wisdom and life experiences in one short sentence that you can almost feel and see what the author has gone through to reach that point! At least, this is why I like quotes so much.

Below, you can find different categories and topics for quotes. Each of these has a multitude of quotations and sayings from different authors. These are my personal favourites.

Compared with some other sites out there, this compilation might look a bit modest. However, I'd like to stick to the quality and not quantity. As I'm concerned, a quote must be a little short of a mind changing experience, and not all quotes you can find on the net are like that. This is why I've decided to publish only those I have found compelling enough. If you ask me, all the quotes here are above all, quality quotes. Feel free to check if I'm right.

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